Sensible Rules

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Sensible Rules

Post by Admin on Sun Sep 10, 2017 1:08 pm

No spamming - swearing - offensive language
No nasty Private Messaging of any of the Members
No Advertising (except in signature if approved)
No pornography - Includes videos and pictures

Image rules
You must own or have rights to use any image posted.
Must be linked from an image host.

I will delete anything that doesn't comply.

You are required to read and accept the General Forum rules
if you wish to participate in this Forum.

All members will be assigned to a group and the appropriate
level of restrictions will apply to each group.


We will at  "our discression" give 1 warning only for minor offences
But in cases we deem more serious - You can be Banned

We will choose which applies so just do the right thing, OK


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